Our Story

"Since taking our first wee steps in Salon Ownership over a decade ago, it is still with great passion, enthusiasm and privilege that we get to do what we do! 

The Hairdressing Industry is ever-changing, always evolving with creativity, style, technique, inspiration and trusted experience.  This platform we are a part of then encourages us to move with it, to stay with the tried and true - yes...but it also invites us to keep learning and showcase our own flare and uniqueness all aligned to our clients wants and needs.   


We exist to work together as a Dream Team - all voices heard, every person seen and certainly no one left out.  We established the culture at the beginning and that same culture sees us through each and every day.  It is with great delight that with over 100 years of experience collectively, we are still excited to step into a new day.  We look forward to meeting you to make all your hair dreams and wishes come true." 


Natasha - Salon Owner