Covid Updates

We know that this time can be unsettling and somewhat confusing for many and the move to the new traffic light system implemented by the Government on Friday 3rd December 2021 is no exception.  With that said, we can only do our best to navigate this season together with clarity and kindness. 

While we regret having to exclude anyone from receiving our Hair Services and recognise that everyone has a right to choose their own vaccination status, our Salon can only operate (throughout the different lights) if we comply with the requirements as laid out by the Government. 

Our team is ready and are here to help make this process as smooth as possible and we do ask that you too will be willing to help support us through these difficult times.  We are here to chat to anyone at anytime and will notify you with all/any updates as we receive them.  Thank you for your co-operation, courtesy and understanding - it is greatly appreciated! ❤️

Here is what the new system will look like for our Dragonfly Community:

Red/Orange Light

✂ Fully Vaccinated Clients (with vaccine pass) ONLY

✂ Wear a Mask

✂ Vaccine Pass sighted and scanned by DF team at time of appointment

✂ Scan in upon arrival

traffic light.jpg